DIRDI Members Publish Articles on Nanotechnology

Last month, DIRDI members Matyas Draskovits and Xiayao Yin penned articles on subjects of their interest. In reviewing the literature around a given topic related to the core research areas of DIRDI, these articles will likely form the basis of some of DIRDI’s future research.

Matyas, a second year physics undergraduate, wrote his article on ‘The Role of Nanoradios and Nanosensors in Scientific Observation,’ an area he described as “fascinating due to the ingenious simplicity and wide-range utility” of such devices.

Xiayoa, also a second year physics undergraduate, opted for ‘A Review of AMR Effects in FM Semiconductors’ where she discussed the emerging field of spintronics and some of the problems that are currently being faced in applying it to develop the next generation of computers.

Both articles have been published in full on DIRDI’s website, available here: https://dirdi.org/articles/